Xinjiang college students studying in Inland are encouraged to participate in student management system

Hong Kong—Inland Junior High Schools continue expanding enrollment in Xinjiang and Xinjiang college students studying in Inland are encouraged to participate in student management system, Xinjiang Metropolis Daily said on Monday.

“To improve the educational quality of farming areas, pastoral areas and outlying poverty-stricken areas in Xinjiang, the enrollment of Inland Junior High Schools in Xinjiang will be expanded,” said Sun Qi, the director of Inland Xinjiang Student Affairs Office, in the 2015 Inland Xinjiang Students Developing meeting on last Saturday.

The new announcement contradicted with what China’s state-run news agency Xinhua said last year that to ensure the quality of students and the teaching, inland Junior and Senior High Schools would not expand enrollment in 2015.

The office’s previous suggestion on the management of Xinjiang college students studying in inland will be adopted this year. “To strengthen the management of Xinjiang students, one monitor will be sent to each fifty students,” said Sun. “By doing this, we can absorb more excellent ethnic minorities students to join our management work on Xinjiang classes in inland.”

In 2000, the state Ministry of Education released an Inland Xinjiang Students Management Method, which required schools having Xinjiang students should put political education into every subjects and activities inside and outside schools and pay especial attention to develop students’ love to the Chinese Communist Party and awareness of the unity of the country

Students under fourteen in Xinjiang can apply for Inland Junior High Schools by taking Mandarin and Math exams. Most of the schools are located in major cities in Xinjiang such as Urumqi, Karamay and Shihezi. Compared with other schools, inland Junior Schools get more attention from the Chinese Central Government.

According to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region’s Education Department, the Inland Junior High Schools have expanded their enrollment for six times in the last decade and last year the number of new students have been 10,000, among whom ethnic minorities account for 90% and Han 10%.



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