Hundreds of Hong Kong students and supporters from various circles of society marched to Central from Tamar Park to appeal for more participation from the public

Hong Kong—Hundreds of Hong Kong students and supporters from various circles of society marched to Central from Tamar Park to appeal for more participation from the public, said the secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students.

At three o’ clock this afternoon, around five hundred students in Hong Kong started a march form Tamar Park, right besides the government headquarters, to Central with supporters from more than forty social organizations, according to the HKFS.

To enlarge the influence of the strike, Alex Chow, the secretary of the HKFS, is engaged in building a connection between students and the community outside schools. “We want more Hong Kong people to join us. The strike is not only in campus.”

Referring that citizens enjoy freedoms of assembly and demonstration, Chow said the HKFS did not apply for the permission of the police about their march but they did notify them. In spite of being stopped several times by the police, saying it (the march) was illegal, protestors still succeeded in approaching to Central.

Yesterday leaders of the students strike asked Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong to address the public but were held by Leung’s security staff. The student strike will tend to be escalated, if Leung refuses to show up until tomorrow night. Chow said, “To seek an upgrading level of actions, the strike may involve the possibility of having civil disobedience actions”.

As time goes by, some students are not optimistic about Leung’s response. Erika Leung, studying Business in the Hong Kong Shue Yan University, said she thought that the HKFS ‘s expectation to the local officials was too high and that she would not join the march.

So far Beijing has remained unchanged about its decision on Hong Kong’s suffrage, regulating that no more than three candidates, nominated by a pro-Beijing committee, can run for the chief executive in 2017.

This Monday, president Xi Jinping said the implementation of “one man, one vote” must be tailored to the special situation of the country and the city, when he met with a group of tycoons from Hong Kong. In respond, Chow said, “If they (officials in the central government) really treat themselves as civil servants, they should respect people’s voice, not simply determine the issue by thinking whether it is safe to the authority or not”.

Students from mainland were also found in Tamar Park, but five undergraduates from the Chinese University of Hong Kong said, “Of course we won’t join the march, (we are) afraid of being caught”. Preferring not to be named, for the topic is sensitive in the mainland, one of them said, “To support the boycott is one thing; to support them (students in Hong Kong) to pursue democracy is another thing. I don’t think the boycott will help, but I hope they can find an effective way to democracy”.



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